And guess what? If you’re running your own business, or are self-employed, you are hiding if you:

  •  Haven’t enough clients, or money, or time
  • Are fed up of the same old way of doing it :(
  • Know you’re not really doing enough of that weird thing called marketing

In which case, you’ll be interested, just for the heck of it,  in coming out of hiding, doing things differently,  and seeing what happens! Opening the doors Wooo!  Scary!  But at least you’re alive and enjoying yourself more!

Wild Wisdom is the culmination of me running 5 different small businesses over the last 25 years, all in the spiritual /green/complementary health marketplace.  Two I sold on, one was closed down, the other went bust – and one morphed into what is now Wild Wisdom, previously known as RichThinkers.

I’ve learnt masses along the way, and that’s how I have the confidence to step out and be willing to do things differently from how many people do it. hidingSo take another step on your own Wild Wisdom journey right now.

If things aren’t happening the way you want them to, then in some way, you or your business is hiding!  

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PS All the drawings and doodles on this website are done by me. They’re not clip art! Part of my own Wild Wisdom, to put them out there…

On my fridge door

On my fridge door